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My Projects

I have done a variety of game and product designs, my strengths lie in my versatility, thoughtfulness, and work ethic which is clearly showcased in my project spread. I have done many sponsored studios through Auburn, where I worked directly with a client to gain work experience and produce viable products for them. I have also done a variety of independent projects in my own time to produce games. I have won awards and gone to trade shows for my work.


Worked with Storybook Farms to create an interactive story-themed play space for less privileged or less abled children to experience.


Brown Bear

Creating a story-themed interactive experience that attaches to the fence of their play-space within a week.



This is a kids game where players compete to create strange creatures before the other players can. The mechanics are based mostly on luck, like cards and dice, so that a whole family can play together and all have a chance to win. The winner gets to put their creation in the "Trophy Case of Champions!"

portfolio title page v2.png

CinCrea Expansion

This is an expansion of the CinCrea base game, adding new locations and creatures to keep the game fresh and imaginative. 

cincrea expansion ideation.png

Wolves of the Arctic

An educational/survival game where players grow a pack of wolves and try to survive harsh winters in Greenland.

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